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Coffee Extreme

Haver Coffee Extreme

The Coffee Extreme solves the most common problem with continuous coffee service events: Keeping the coffee hot. Using sophisticated vacuum insulation technology, the Haber Coffee Extreme keeps coffee above 165°F for 24 hours. “Our engineers spent a lot of time on this project with the goal of solving the on-going challenge that caterers and banquet managers face every day – keeping the hot coffee hot for extended periods of time. Standard insulated urns don’t last long enough and are too difficult to manage, and sterno urns burn the coffee,” said David Haber, President of DW Haber. “There is no pre-heat required, no canned fuel necessary to keep temperatures up and it fits almost all brew systems. Operators can brew directly into the Coffee Extreme and display in our stainless steel cover up design. Just brew, place and walk away!” Coffee Extreme is available in a 2-gallon size and with a stainless steel cover-up that is stylish, fitting perfectly with many of the DW Haber buffet and riser systems. It functions perfectly indoors and outdoors. For more information on the Haber Coffee Extreme and other new line of Vacuum Coffee Urns, visit www.dwhaber.com or contact the company directly at 718-993-6405.

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