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Azelia Guanaja

Azélia 35% Hazelnut Milk Chocolate is the new addition to Valrhona’s Gourmet Creation range. Notes of toasted hazelnuts create a subtle balance between chocolate, milk and nuts. Azélia 35% is available in 3-kg bags. Valrhona has also introduced 52% Dark Chocolate Chips (6 mm diameter) and 60% Dark Chocolate Chips (8 mm diameter). Both products are perfectly balanced and ideal for a wide range of applications. The 52% chips come in a 6-kg box, while the 60% chips are available in a 5-kg box. In other Valrhona news, Guanaja 70% is turning 30! The Guanaja 70% revolution was rooted in its low sugar content and its astonishing bitterness, simultaneously rounded and light in acidity, underpinned by notes of dried fruits and roasted coffee. This new blend marked a new era for chocolatiers and pastry chefs alike. Guanaja 70% has become Valrhona’s most iconic dark chocolate. It now features among the Top 5 best-sellers in France and abroad, a favorite with over 10,000 clients. For more info on Valrhona products, visit

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