Nov 18, 2017 Last Updated 6:31 AM, Nov 9, 2017

Theo Chocolate Book

Theo Chocolate Book

Award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker Theo Chocolate has just released their first cookbook, Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets from Seattle’s Favorite Chocolate Maker, by Debra Music and Joe Whinney (Sasquatch Books, 2015; $24.95). It includes 75 sweet and savory recipes for cooking with chocolate at home, as well as the fascinating story of how North America’s first organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory came to be. Recipes include surprise savory dishes such as Pumpkin-Filled Chocolate Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter, Cocoa-Scented Dukkah, and an array of cookies, bars, cakes, tarts, pies, puddings and drinking chocolates. There are also recipes for Theo’s sought-after confections, including the best-selling Big Daddy Marshmallow Bar (on the cover of the book), with expert advice and tips for working with chocolate. Available at and


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