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Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate, the Fairtrade chocolate company co-owned by Ghanaian cocoa farmers, is celebrating its continued revenue growth and merger with UK parent company Divine Chocolate Ltd. It was in 2007 that Divine first entered the US market with a small budget but big aspirations, and in recognition of the notable successes in the years since, the company recently held a gala reception at Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar in Washington D.C. Joining them was Sampson Cobina, an elected representative of the farmers’ cooperative that owns the company, on his first trip out of Ghana. Sophi Tranchell, CEO of Divine Chocolate reflected, “It just goes to show that consumers in the USA have an appetite for companies and brands like Divine that do business differently. Divine Chocolate is a company with a mission – ensuring those who buy delicious Divine Chocolate are directly empowering and fairly paying the farmers who supply its wonderful cocoa.” For more info on Divine Chocolate, visit

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