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Control Freak

Breville Control Freak

Breville I PolyScience has announced the release of the Control °Freak™, the world’s first controlled induction cooking system to accurately measure, set and hold every cooking temperature from 86-482°F. In head-to-head tests conducted by Breville I PolyScience, the Control °Freak consistently demonstrated that it is the most accurate commercial induction machine, offering chefs, caterers and other food service industry professionals unprecedented temperature control. In addition to a through-the-glass pan temperature sensor, the Control °Freak features a temperature probe (with a pot clip) that communicates and controls the precise temperature of water and fat-based liquids, allowing for applications such as tempering chocolate or cheese-making, which require high accuracy. The Control °Freak, which can be used with any induction compatible pot or pan (e.g. stainless steel, cast-iron) can also be controlled by “Intensity” to speed up or slow down how quickly a requested temperature is reached; hold a temperature indefinitely (72 hours with a timer), automatically “Keep Warm” (140°F) and “Stop Cooking.” The machine can also record recipe temperature programs for future use, information that can be shared with other Control °Freaks thanks to a custom USB port and stick. The Control °Freak™, which retails for $1,799 and has a two-year limited product warranty, can be purchased at www.polyscienceculinary.com.

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