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Sugar Genius

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Confectionery expert Ewald Notter presents a gorgeous new guide to professional-level sugar work.

A showpiece created entirely from sugar is a work of art as much as a craft, and nobody does this craft better than Ewald Notter, a man widely regarded as a genius in the art of sugarwork. But unlike many artists, Notter, the owner of the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, FL, is also a teacher, and one who is eager to share his sugar knowledge. And in his latest book, The Art of the Confectioner (Wiley, 2012; $65), Notter does just that. This tome is the ultimate guide to working with sugar, including techniques such as sugar pulling and blowing, casting, pastillage, and a whole chapter on the latest sugar trends. Notter shares wisdom gained from more than 35 years in the pastry kitchen, and combines straightforward advice and step-by-step instructions with lessons on developing artistry and skills.

The book begins with a basic overview of sugar, including information on the equipment and ingredients needed to work with sugar and Isomalt. The following chapters give detailed instructions on how to make everything from delicate flowers to whimsical blown sugar figurines. The final chapter shows how readers can bring together all the skills learned throughout the book to create award-winning sugar and pastillage showpieces. From working with shapes and colors and choosing a focal point to developing a sculpture based on a particular theme, Notter provides insights into all the tricks of the trade and expert advice on preparing for competitions. The book is filled with illustrations and clear how-to photos as well as inspiring photos of finished showpieces. The book includes hundreds of photos as well as beautiful hand-painted watercolor illustrations done by the author himself. An Appendix of templates is also provided to help readers replicate the showpieces shown throughout the book. For pastry students, aspiring confectioners and professional pastry chefs looking to improve their sugar skills, The Art of the Confectioner is a must-have guide from the pastry world’s finest and best-known sugar artist. Following in a technique from this wonderful book.

Excerpt courtesy of John Wiley & Sons.


1. Press the pastillage into a half-dome mold.

2. Trim the excess pastillage.

3. Cut semicircles out of each dome, making sure both semicircles are the same size.

4. Line up the semicircle cutouts to form a hole and glue the two dome molds together.

5. Pour the syrup in through the access hole.

6. Break the domes open to reveal the sugar geodes.

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