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World Chocolate Masters 2015

The best of the best in chocolate.


The World Chocolate Masters (WCM) is our industry’s largest, all-chocolate competition. The 6th iteration of Cacao Barry’s WCM was held from October 28-30, 2015 during the 21st annual Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France. During the 3-day, biannual event more than 25,000 culinary professionals and chocolate-loving consumers watched 20 of the world’s top chocolatiers craft spectacular chocolate creations including pralines, truffles, pastries, sculptures, and the innovative “Sweet Snack on the Go”. Congratulations to 2015 World Chocolate Master Vincent Vallée and to all the competitors, judges, volunteers, organizers, and sponsors on taking the WCM to new heights in 2015. Here are a few photos of the medalists, Social Media Award winner Diego Lozano, and our 2015 United States Chocolate Master Dan Forgey who wowed the judges with his revolutionary chocolate clay technique. Look for Dan’s chocolate clay technique article in an upcoming issue of Dessert Professional. For recipes and photos from all the 2015 WCM competitors, visit www.worldchocolatemasters.com.


World Chocolate Masters 2015



Vincent Vallée, FRANCE, 1st

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World Chocolate Masters 2015 1st Place winning chocolate showpiece by Vincent Vallée of FRANCE.

Vincent Vallée's winning pieces.



Hisashi OnoBayashi, JAPAN, 2nd

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World Chocolate Masters 2015 2nd Place winning chocolate showpiece by Hisashi OnoBayashi of JAPAN.

Hisashi OnoBayashi's winning pieces.



Marijn Coertjens, BELGIUM, 3rd

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World Chocolate Masters 2015 3rd Place winning chocolate showpiece by Marijn Coertjens of BELGIUM.

Marijn Coertjens' winning pieces.



Dan Forgey, USA

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World Chocolate Masters 2015 chocolate showpiece by Dan Forgey of USA.

Dan Forgey's winning pieces.



Diego Lozano, BRASIL, Social Media Award

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World Chocolate Masters 2015 Social Media Award winning chocolate showpiece by Diego Lozano of BRASIL.
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