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Showpiece: “Through the Eyes of a Pastry Chef, The Wonderful World of Disney Princesses”

Laura Johnson-Lachowecki’s Showpiece: “Through the eyes of a Pastry Chef, The Wonderful World of Disney Princesses.”

Sugar coral, dark chocolate, sugar for blowing and pulling, white chocolate, pastillage and modeling marzipan by Laura Johnson-Lachowecki, CC, Baker, University of Notre Dame Food Services, Notre Dame, IN.


Following are basic recipes for the components of the showpiece.

Sugar Coral:

  • 0.5 oz/15 g confectioner’s sugar (12 X)
  • 0.14 oz/4 g egg white
  • 1.58 oz/45 g water
  • 5.3 oz/150 g granulated sugar

1. Mix the confectioners’ sugar and egg white together.

2. Boil the water and granulated sugar together until 275°F. Add the confectioners’ sugar mixture and mix until foamy. Pour into a foil-lined bowl. Let cool.

Dark Chocolate:

  • 6.6 lb/3 kg dark chocolate
  • 1 oz/30 g cocoa butter

Temper chocolate with cocoa butter.

Sugar for Blowing and Pulling: 

  • 17.6/500 g Isomalt
  • 1.76 oz/50 g beet sugar
  • 3.5 oz/100 g water

1. Combine Isomalt and sugar in a pan with water. Cook to 320°F.

2. Pour out onto Silpat and begin to stretch and pull until glossy.

White Chocolate: 

  • 7.7 lb/3.5 kg white chocolate
  • 1.2 oz/35 g cocoa butter
  • 0.42 oz/12 g orange food coloring

Temper chocolate with cocoa butter and stir in coloring.


  • 0.37 oz/10.5 g gum tragacanth
  • 2 oz/56 g cornstarch
  • 26 oz/737 g confectioners’ sugar, divided
  • 4 oz/113 g water

1. Combine the gum tragacanth, cornstarch, 2 oz/56 g of the confectioners’ sugar and the water in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whip until smooth. 

2. Switch to the paddle attachment. Add the remaining 24 oz/680 g of confectioners’ sugar and mix until smooth. Knead.

Modeling Marzipan:

  • 0.42 oz/12 g almond paste
  • 0.1 oz/3 g glucose
  • 0.42 oz/12 g confectioners’ sugar, sifted 

Blend almond paste and glucose until well combined. Add confectioners’ sugar and mix until pliable. Wrap tightly in plastic and store until ready to use.


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