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Beaujolais and Walnuts

Beaujolais and WalnutsMaison Kayser Beaujolais & Walnuts. Photo credit: © David Lewis Taylor

Walnuts and Beaujolais wine make a nice holiday loaf by Eric Kayser of Maison Kayser.

Yield : 5 loaves

2.2 lb/1 kg Sir Lancelot flour
12.3 oz/350 g Beaujolais wine
11.28 oz/320 g water
3.5 oz/100 g liquid levain
0.21 oz/6 g fresh yeast
0.7 oz/20 g salt
12.3 oz/350 g walnut pieces

1. Mix together all ingredients except walnuts in mixer. Knead for 4 minutes at 1st speed and 7 minutes at 2nd speed. Add the walnuts and knead 2 minutes at 1st speed.

2. Allow to rest 1 ½ hours at room temperature.

3. Divide dough into 400-gram pieces and ball on a board. Rest 30 minutes.

4. Shape in batard form with seam underneath. Let rest 30 minutes at room temperature before baking. Bake at 250°C with the seam up for 35 minutes.

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