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Coquette’s Peanut Butter Feuilletine

Coquette’s Peanut Butter Feuilletine
Zak Miller's 'Coquette’s Peanut Butter Feuilletine'

Zak Miller, Pastry Chef, Coquette Restaurant, New Orleans, LA brings us his signature recipe.

Yield: 48 servings

Peanut Butter Feuilletine:

12.3 oz/350 g peanut butter
11.4 oz/325 g milk chocolate
8.4 oz/240 g feuilletine

1. Melt the peanut butter and chocolate together. Fold in the feuilletine. Spread on a half sheet of parchment paper and freeze.

2. Cut into squares that are slightly smaller than your mold.

Zak Miller
Zak Miller, Pastry Chef.


Salted Caramel:

2.3 oz/65 g glucose
12.5 oz/354 g granulated sugar, divided
4.6 oz/130 g water
22.5 oz/640 g heavy cream
1 vanilla bean, split
0.21 oz/6 g salt
4.4 oz/125 g egg yolks
0.45 oz/13 g gelatin, silver grade, bloomed
5.6 oz/160 g unsalted butter

1. Combine the glucose with 11.3 oz/320 g of the sugar and water. Cook to a caramel. Add the cream to the caramel, then the vanilla and salt. Combine the yolks and remaining 1.2 oz/35 g sugar. Temper the yolks into the caramel. Cook to 185°F/85°C. Add the bloomed gelatin. Pass through a fine chinois and cool to 113°F/45°C. Blend in the butter with an immersion blender. Cool completely.

2. Pipe onto the feuilletine squares and freeze.

Milk Chocolate Mousse:

39.68 oz/1125 g milk chocolate
12.6 oz/360 g heavy cream
1 oz/30 g gelatin, silver grade, bloomed and melted
6.3 oz/180 g egg yolks
4.4 oz/126 g confectioners’ sugar
60.3 oz/1710 g cream, whipped to soft peaks

1. Melt the chocolate. Bring the unwhipped cream to a boil and pour over the chocolate. Add the melted gelatin and emulsify.

2. Whip the yolks and sugar to ribbon. Fold in 1/4 of the whipped cream. Fold in the yolk mixture. Fold in the remaining cream. Pipe into fleximolds and invert the bases into the top. Freeze.

Peanut Praline:

3.5 oz/100 g granulated sugar
3.5 oz/100 g glucose
3.5 oz/100 g peanuts

Caramelize the sugar and glucose. Toast the peanuts and them to the caramel. Spread on a Silpat and cool. Grind to a coarse meal consistency.

Peanut Butter Sorbet:

17.6 oz/500 g water
7 oz/200 g granulated sugar
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
8.8 oz/250 g peanut butter

Make a syrup with the water, sugar and vanilla bean by bringing to a boil. Strain and pour over the peanut butter; emulsify.

Chocolate spray:

10.5 oz/300 g milk chocolate
10.5 oz/300 g cocoa butter

Melt together.


1. Remove mousse from freezer and spray with Chocolate Spray. Allow to thaw.

2. Place mousse on a plate. On the front right corner of the mousse place small spoonful of praline. Place a small dot of caramel sauce in front of that. Top the praline with a scoop of the peanut butter sorbet. Sprinkle the sorbet with flake sea salt.

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