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Quick Pickle Peach

Quick Pickle Peach
Pastry Chef Kyle McKinney’s dessert features quick-pickled peaches from the menu at Barley Swine in Austin Texas. Photo by JMPurePastry.

Adapted from Chef Kyle McKinney from Barley Swine, Austin, Texas, JMPurePastry shows us ways to deliver our guests summer fruits ripe for the season.

Read more about this and related recipes in Material Handling: Preserving Summer by JMPurePastry.


1 lb/454 g water

1 lb/454 g cider vinegar

2 lb/907 g granulated sugar

12 oz/340 g brown sugar

2-3 fingers of ginger, peeled and sliced thin

2-3 Thai chilies, minced

3 Ceylon cinnamon sticks

1 Tbs allspice

1/2 vanilla bean, scraped and pod

1Tbs kosher salt

2.5 lb/1.134 kg peaches, halved and pitted

1. In large, heavy-bottomed pot bring everything to a boil except peaches. Turn heat off. Cover and steep until cool. Strain pickling mixture.

2. Divide peaches into two vacuum seal bags. Add 8 liq oz/236 ml pickling brine to each bag and then vacuum. Reserve for several hours.

3. Remove peaches from bags and slice to order. Best when used within 1-2 days.

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