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Crispy Apple Hand Pie

Crispy Apple Hand Pie by Tracy Wilk.

Pie filling, pie dough, caramel apple sauce and cinnamon ice cream by Tracy Wilk, Executive Pastry Chef of David Burke Kitchen in New York, NY.

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Apricot-Pistachio Vacherin with Candied Violet Flowers

Apricot-Pistachio Vacherin with Candied Violet Flowers by Eric Bertoia, Pastry Chef/Technician, Paris Gourmet, Carlstadt, NJ.

Apricot sorbet, pistachio gelato, roasted apricots, meringue, vanilla chantilly, apricot marshmallows, apricot gelee and crystaline tuiles by Eric Bertoia, Pastry Chef/Technician of Paris Gourmet in Carlstadt, NJ.

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Tangerine Creamsicle with Sweet Potato Custard

Tangerine Creamsicle by Mellisa Root.

Tangerine foam, tangerine granite, sweet potato custard, almond shortbread, Tang coulis, dragée Rice Krispie, vanilla ice cream and segmented olive oil clementines by Mellisa Root, Pastry Chef/Owner of The Hairy Lobster in Portland, OR.

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Pastel de Helado

Pastel de Helado by Rabii Saber.

Basil meringue dome, lemon basil sorbet, lemon curd, raspberry gelee, oat almond crunch, vanilla ice cream and aged Jerez vinegar reduction by Rabii Saber, Executive Pastry Chef of Four Seasons Resort Orlando in Golden Oak, FL.

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