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Editor's Letter - Jul 2013

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A summertime update from the Managing Editor of the online magazine.

Hello Readers,

Summer is in full swing, pushing frozen desserts to the forefront in our June print issue. You can find a sampling of articles online starting with our Top 10 Frozen Dessert Retailers for 2013, followed by ideas and spots on a some cool-me-down favorites, insight into upcoming events and conferences, as well as plenty of pastry competition coverage.

Site Improvements is steadily expanding to provide the best content to our readers. We have added three sections under “Sweetly Noted,” where you can find notable snippets on products and more in pastry & baking, frozen, and chocolate. Those of you who receive the print magazine will be familiar with these sections.

Connect with us

The Connect Network

Our very own social network has undergone many changes. We encourage dessert professionals from all backgrounds to register and connect with your peers across the globe.

We’ve been alerted to the difficulty some members have been having accessing the network. Sometimes we have a few technical glitches to sort out whenever we make upgrades and improvements to our network. If you’re a member who’s been experiencing difficulty logging in, we have added a feature to help troubleshoot those issues case-by-case.

If you happen to experience any trouble logging in, you'll see a link to our "Problems Signing In” page. This page will allow members to contact an administrator directly to troubleshoot these problems case-by-case, so all issues can be solved and your account can go back to normal.

Quick Tip: From our experience, outdated "browser cookies" are usually the culprit when it comes to log-in troubles. Simply clearing all browser cookies related to "" oftentimes will do the trick.

Social Media

We've added a budding Pintrest account to our social media portfolio, so now you can connect with on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to keep updated with the latest updates.

Our Next Giveaway

The Don't Lose Your Temper Giveaway II will launch Monday July 15th.

We'll be announcing details on Monday at the contest launch. The grand prize is another Chocovision chocolate tempering machine, courtesy of Chocovision and, that would be an incredible asset to any kitchen. We've introduced a leaderboard system on the Connect Network and will be incoporating the Top Lists in determining our winners, so sign up for an account, if you haven't already. The best of luck!

Thank you for your readership and support.

Michelle Guiles

Managing Editor,

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