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An Industry Staple

Back to List Magazine, formerly Dessert Professional Magazine, is a bi-monthly trade magazine targeted to professionals in the dessert industry, including pastry chefs, chocolatiers, cake and sugar artists, bakers, and educators with distribution in North America and France.

Founded as a unification of the leading trade magazines in the industry, Magazine shares history with the former dessert trade publications, Chocolatier, Pastry Art and Design, and Frozen Desserts magazines, and stands in the forefront of dessert media with a strong following of newcomers and established and renowned chefs alike. Dessert Professional’s annual Top Ten placements have remained one of the industry’s most coveted honors. Magazine and is published by DessertWorld Media, located in New York City, NY.


The Digital World

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With the ever-changing media landscape came the vast and fast world of digital content. To expand its following and influence, Dessert Professional partnered with renowned advertising agency, TENSHI®, to launch its digital version of the magazine, known as or Dessert Professional | The Magazine Online, in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The goal of the online magazine is to be a source of inspiration for our readers. We celebrate art and expertise, share knowledge, and empower our readers to pursue their own passions in the dessert industry. We want to inspire our readership to create unimaginable works of art, to build character, to hone technique, and to venture into business with an emphasis on the artistry and creativity of dessert.


Network of Sites

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In addition to, the magazine offers a network where chefs can connect—aptly named The Connect Network—at

In the near future, will be launching several new resources, including the Ultimate Frozen Dessert Challenge.


Top Ten Honors

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For over 20 years, Dessert Professional has been recognizing exemplary dessert professionals in North America annually with awards for the top ten pastry chefs, chocolatiers, cake artists, bakers, and frozen dessert retailers, a much sought-after honor in the industry.
See Dessert Professional's Top Ten Chefs here.


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